Switching to Part-Time? Do it Wisely!

Balanced_rocks One of the best ways to make a switch into part-time work is often to "prove your worth" by working full-time for a company first. This way they know what a great employee you are and will often work with you to accommodate a new situation where they wouldn't consider a part-time request from a new candidate.

However, we are not always in that position when taking on part-time work but the rules of negotiating what you want are the same. So, when thinking about a part-time role, keep a few things in mind.

  1. What is "part-time" for your employer? For example, I work with female solicitors for whom 40 hours is considered "part-time"- a break from the 60 hours a week they are normally expected. Is it 17.5 hours or 25 hours (since most people work 50 hours at your office realistically).
  2. If you want school holidays off to be with your children ( or even just to work fewer hours during those periods) make sure you negotiate that up front as well. 
  3. Clearly negotiate what of your current work-load gets delegated or dropped. Do not let yourself fall into the position of having to cram 40 hours of work into 3 days as that will leave you stressed and earning just 60% of your previous salary for the same amount of work! 
  4. Ask your employer to pay for your web access, laptop and even a new land line if necessary – as there are many cost benefits to them from you working from home as well!
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