The Diminishing Relevance of Booth Babes in 2013 – Aren’t the Products Sexy Enough?

With well over half of consumer technology sales now being made to women, one wonders how long it be until IT companies realise that pandering to gender stereotypes, offers diminishing returns in the long-run. It’s insulting to the men attending, makes the industry look archaic in it’s PR efforts and doesn’t show much confidence in their wares if they think semi-naked women will be the primary draw to their products.

Plus, as displayed in this short video, it makes the growing number of women in technology who attend bemused at best and degraded at worst. Not a great marketing strategy for most technology firm’s fastest growing target market – women. As mentioned in the video, it shows a real lack of ‘forward thinking leadership’ on the part of the Consumer Electronics Show’s organisers.

Even China, the hottest market for consumer technology, is showing much more proactivity, banning the use of such models at their industry shows. The answer is in expecting punters to focus on the technology, and not adding topless men as suggested. Objectifying women is not remedied by equally objectifying men.

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