Someone To Watch Over Me – Is Mentoring The Essential Ingredient for Career Development

Mentoring-women-small I liked this article ‘How to find and use a mentor’ from
Forbes as it talks about a subject I believe is essential for career women.
Susan Adams of Forbes tells the story of how she found her mentor, economist
Susan Lee, purely by chance and how when she needed a new job her mentor swung
into action
. She provided coaching on her career, helped overhaul her CV and
connected her to potential employers. The benefits of having a good mentor are
hard to overstate
for a woman’s career development. In fact an overview of more
than 100 mentoring surveys conducted by the East Mentors Forum found that
nearly half of all respondents reported that mentoring increased opportunities
for career advancement
. Many of the best mentoring relationships develop
naturally and I suggest that my clients seek both male and females mentors
the gender doesn’t really matter as long as they are genuinely interested in
your career development.
There are rewards to be gained for those doing the mentoring
as well. In my experience, mentoring often gives people a renewed sense of job
as they pass on their knowledge and nurture their mentee into
furthering their career. Mentoring clearly has many benefits from both sides of
the fence so I challenge you to either seek out a mentor for yourself or offer
your services to mentor a rising star in your organisation.

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