The Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at a breakfast meeting for Room to Read,  a charity that focuses on girls education in developing countries. Before I spoke, the charity was introduced by Helen Krag, who asked the audience of professional women to remember our lives when we were just 12 years old. I cast about memories about the boy I had a crush on, wondering if I would ever get my period and worrying about my upcoming move to middle school.

Helen then spoke of how pivotal the age of 12 was for girls globally, as it represented the age when girls educational potential met their reproductive potential and their lives were headed in one of two directions. She played this short video, which was so moving, yet surprisingly up beat to illustrate the challenges faced by girls in societies where educating them is not a priority – but not doing so relegates their lives, as well as at the lives of their daughters and granddaughters to a cycle of poverty.

As I then stood up to talk to women about their individual career success, I had to wipe away the tears from my eyes because of the poignancy of the message – not my normal speaking preparation! I would implore you to check out this video on “The Girl Effect” and to support the work of groups like Room to Read, who remind us how fortunate we all are – and how expanding education for girls globally benefits us all.

Check out this video:

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  • Adelinedaly

    There is a brilliant, if at times harrowing, book on this topoic called “Half the Sky” written by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wundunn. The book (in fact it is a whole movement) goes beyond the injustices faced by women in poverty to explore the amount of economic value that is being lost as a result.
    I think it is important that all women in business are aware of such issues and do what we can to facilitate women in poverty to make a safe living for themselves. We have all experienced discrimination in our working lives which has infuriated us, but at least we have had the opportunity to be infuriated and in some cases to do something about it! Adeline