The iPad – Great product, shame about the name!

Telling-off-s There has been a lot written about Apple’s new iPad but I found this article from the Huffington Post
amusing. It highlights why we need more
women in technology
, as the article points out you can just imagine a room
full of men thinking this was a really great name for their new product. They
need to remember that whilst women
control 66% of home computer purchases they only hold 27% of computer related
according to a study by the National Center for Women &
Information Technology. There has also been a steady decline in the number of computer science bachelor's degrees awarded to women. It would seem
to me that there is a great opportunity
here for women in IT to start making inroads into this male dominated
environment. Then maybe next time Apple release a new product the women will be applauding the product’s
name as well.

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