The Joy of Positive Feedback

Woman leading cheer It is always
lovely to receive positive feedback from my executive coaching for women, but
equally when someone takes the time to write to me after reading my book it
proves to me that it has had the impact on them that I had hoped for when I
wrote it
. I wanted to share some feedback that I received recently from a 32
year old professional lady who works in a predominantly male environment. She
says ‘I struggled to find a mentor at work and actually gave up a long time
ago, so it was a welcome 'wake-up call' to read in your book how vital mentors
. I identified with most of the points made in your book, about how as we
progress, work increasingly revolves around how we communicat
e our work, how we
collaborate and how we network. Having focused on technical skills for a long
time, it is clear that I need to improve my speaking and presenting for
internal and external meetings
. As English is my second language, this adds to
the challenge.  Thanks to your book I am
now going to try a Toastmasters meeting next week and take it from there. I had
no idea these groups even existed!’ So thank you so much to her for sharing and
it is such a pleasure to me that she is actively using some of the tips from
the book. If you would like a signed copy of Beyond The Boys Club – Strategies for achieving career success as a woman working in a male dominated field, you can get
one here.

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