The New Economics of Marriage – a Great Result for Men it would seem!

Man-holding-money According to a report by The Pew
Research Center
22% of married women
are now earning more than their husbands –
which is over a fivefold increase from 1970 when it was just 4%. The economic gains of being married have
increased for men
with the study also finding that better educated women are more likely to marry  than less well educated women – putting paid
to the myth that men don’t want a woman smarter than them. These women are
also likely to earn more therefore increasing
the household income.
When a man married forty years ago it was unlikely
that the household gained a second income as he would be the sole breadwinner. Now with many men being the victims of the
it is just as likely that the wife will be the main earner – thereby increasing household income
overall. The good news for career women is
that the study also found that their
earnings grew 44%
compared with only 6% for men, which has narrowed but not closed the earnings gap. So at least
things are starting to move in the right direction, let’s hope the trend
continues. And the good news for men
- with household income going up is that pressure on them having to provide is
going down.

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