The Professional Female Defines Success More Widely

Woman with baby at computer The Guardian recently reported about "Women at 30 Putting Careers Second". I didn't recently read the article as professional females completely downgrading the importance of their careers, but rather, including other roles as being more important than they might have claimed in the past. The article by Amelia Hill and Tracy McVeigh explains the findings of "Turning 30 report, which was carried out by the magazine Elle, also found that today's 30-year-olds were no longer the career-driven women of a decade ago but were instead looking for happiness in their personal lives ahead of work fulfilment. Some 70% of women considered it the age at which they put their relationships and personal lives ahead of their careers, with more than 80% thinking it was the perfect age to get married."  What do you think your thirties are for?

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  • Cheryl

    Very difficult question to try to answer as I struggle with this a lot recently thinking about having a family soon and knowing that it will be harder or that I may not want to dedicate as much effort to my career with another set of added responsibilities but also don’t want to let go of it – and still wonder why it is that more men aren’t struggling with the same issues in the same way. Thought it’d be different by the time I got to this time in my life!