Four Tough Questions You Must Ask Before Accepting Your Next Job

In the current climate it’s all too easy to take a job offer without askingyourself if this is the right role with the right rewards for you. Before you even consider looking you must determine exactly what you are looking for. Is it a long term career move or do you want to learn a specific skill that will benefit you in the future? Ask yourself these tough questions:

  1. Will my immediate supervisor support me and my future career plans?
  2. Am I proud to be associated with this company and it’s brand?
  3. Does the environment suit my work style?
  4. Is there an opportunity for me to be visible and grow professionally?

    There are some more great questions at Forbes Woman, and here is another article about the 5 best questions to show you mean business at a job interview. It is so important now, as a woman in business, to plan your career and your next move otherwise you could end up in a great paying but dead end job that dread going to on a Monday morning. When you do quit your current job find out how to do it in style.

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