Thinking of Setting up on Your Own? First Look at the Top 10 Myths about Entrepreneurship…..

Clock face I saw this great checklist the other day about myths some women believe when they first think about going solo and setting up their own businesses. The list, which is on the Denver Women's Business Register, was a familiar one and one that I certainly saw alot of myself in. Some of my favourites are "I'll be my own boss" when in actuality, every client you have is a mini-boss or "I'll work fewer hours" – another big fat lie because while you may work different hours than you did before, you are almost always thinking, tweaking, talking about your business until you bore those around you :) and checking your crackberry….not necessarily the picture of work life balance I myself had anticipated. What were the big myths you believed when you first thought about setting out your own stall? 

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  • Vandy Massey

    I can relate to the “I’ll work fewer hours” myth. Although I can’t recall ever having thought that specifically, I’m quite sure that I didn’t anticipate the fact that my work would become quite such a dominant part of my life.
    That said, I don’t mind working longer hours for two reasons:
    - I love what I do and the autonony that running my own show brings, and
    - the hours do have more flexibility. I was always able to take time out during the day to watch my sons play in sports matches without worrying about it, because I knew I would be working a couple of hours after supper. For me, that is balance.