Top 5 Workplace Lies Women Tell Themselves

Woman with man at  keyboard High-achieving businesswomen were pushing themselves so hard that they were often ruining their professional lives and relationships – so says Marcia Reynolds author of Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction. Whilst pursuing a doctorate of psychology, she studied women’s ingrained thought patterns about their abilities and successes and found that there were five critical assumptions that were common among top-performing businesswomen. They are: 1) There is a right answer and I know it – an assumption that makes them less likely to listen, and to miss out on alternative ideas from their team. 2) No one can do the work as well as me - the danger here is that they will overwork and end up exhausted and resentful. If this one crosses over into the home she may also end up doing all the chores there too. 3) I’m disappointed. Again. – Setting unrealistic standards for success ensures disappointment from the start. 4) I don’t need any help – This idea can backfire in many ways. You become overwhelmed more easily. It's also not good leadership. Managing others requires a sense of inclusion and regular acknowledgment of their work. 5) I have to be great at everything -   Girls are now taught that they can do anything and can interpret this as having to be great at everything they try. Businesswomen who believe this push themselves harder and harder to achieve greater success without appreciating what they have already achieved. Reynolds recommends that we focus less on external validation and look to seek personal satisfaction as she says "A constant drive to succeed works well for accomplishing great things. But it keeps you from enjoying it."

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  • Esther Haines

    Yes, recognise them all.