Bosses Are Not Mind Readers – Top Leadership Tips For Women

This morning I found this article by Jenna Goudreau on leadership tips for women in Forbes which resonated with me, as just last night I ran a webinar on how female breadwinners can demonstrate ambition and credibility in the workplace. (If you missed it you can still purchase the recording)

One of my key messages is that you must make it known that you have ambition. Too often women fear “blowing their own trumpet” worrying that they will sound conceited, but how many times has the man next to you taken credit for a project where you did the lion’s share of work? Or been promoted into a role you wanted, and are qualified for?

I often tell my clients that your boss doesn’t have a crystal ball – how do they know that you are keen for promotion, willing to travel or relocate unless you make it clear? And this is especially true if you have children. Unfortunately it is still assumed that a woman with children is less ambitious than her male counterpart. Make it quite clear what you want from your career both on a regular basis and especially during your performance review. Ask for what you feel you need to enable you to move to the next level.

The author of the Forbes article includes being persistent, I would add don’t think that because the answer is no this time it will always be no, it may just not be the right time now.

If you would like more tips on how to build confidence and raise your profile take a look at our library of webinars on these topics.

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