Top Reads on Getting Ahead in your Career

One of the best aspects about being an avid reader is discussing books and sharing recommendations with like-minded friends. I’m a huge fan of great fiction, as you might be able to tell from my Fiction for Female Breadwinners pages. However, to stay current and inspired in my own field, I keep up with the best of non-fiction as well. I’d like to share recommendations for three of my favourite books that help women capitalise on their strengths to get ahead in their careers and in their lives.

Secrets of Six Figure Women by Barbara Stanny. Stanny has spent years researching women whose annual earnings exceed $100,000.  She identified 7 key strategies among female high earners; A Profit Motive, Audacity, Resilience, Encouragement, Self-Awareness, Non-Attachment, and Financial Know-How.  I greatly enjoy Stanny’s style of writing, not surprisingly as it reflects my own: a mix of interviews with successful women with research and achievable strategies. A great read for anyone aiming for those 6 figures.

The Naked Truth by Margaret Heffernan.  I admire Heffernan’s work for her forthright stance and her truth about the working world-that women’s choices are more limited, you can’t have it all and women do indeed work differently than men. I particularly enjoyed the chapter “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where she blames organizational dishonesty, procrastination, buck passing, and lip-service around the value of team work, as inhibitors to women’s progression and economic growth as a whole. Keep telling it like it is Margaret!

The Female Advantage by Sally Helgesen.  This book was published in 1995 and was at the forefront of suggesting that women might actually have something new to offer the workplace and even advantages over their male colleagues.  She focuses on women’s leadership styles which tend to be more inclusive than hierarchical, incorporate strong communication skills, and place a high value on relationships.  This work was important in helping women value their sense of difference rather than apologise for it.

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