Dr. Doyle-Morris has created a series of pre-recorded webinars which draw from her experiences coaching senior level working women on career development, and the work she does with audiences from a range of traditionally male-dominated sectors.

Additionally she is also able to offer in-house webinars to corporate clients or pre recorded webinars on a liscencing basis.

Topics are as follows:

Pre-recorded Library Webinars available to purchase:

Strategic Risk-Taking: The Risks that will Help you Get the Career You Want

Accessing Senior Stakeholders To Widen Your Circle Of Influence

Managing Your Maternity Leave As A Female Breadwinner

Raising Your Profile To Get The Recognition You Deserve

Speaking Publicly To Raise Your Profile

The Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Female Breadwinners

Demonstrating Ambition and Credibility in the Workplace as a Female Breadwinner

Finding and Dating Men Comfortable with a Female Breadwinner

Getting What You Want: Negotiating for Professional Women to Ask and Get More than You Thought Possible

Online Profile Raising For Busy Professional Women

Say it Right: Verbal and E-mail Communications with Gravitas

Special bundles are available for Profile Raising and Female Breadwinners:

Profile Raising bundle including 3 webinars and a copy of Dr Doyle-Morris’s book, Beyond The Boys’ Club

Female Breadwinners bundle including 3 webinars and a copy of Dr Doyle-Morris’s book, Female Breadwinners


The Recruitment Game for Professional Women: How to Get Noticed by and Work effectively with Headhunters – March 12th 8PM GMT

New Girls Network FREE Webinar

Postures for Professional Prominence: Using Positive Non-Verbal Behaviour to Persuade and Influence – April 16th 8PM GMT

Parenting Skills for Busy Working Mothers: Raising Teens and ‘Tweens in the 21st Century – April 26th 8PM GMT

All webinars are scheduled for 8pm GMT, 3pm EST, 9pm CET, and last approximately 1 hour.

Please Note:

Webinar purchases are for individual usage only. Usage for groups is strictly prohibited and goes against our licensing policies. The link and password is not to be passed on between people.

If you are interested in webinar usage for a group, Female Breadwinners are happy to put together a license for recorded webinars for your needs or host a bespoke webinar session created for your audience.