What Kind of High Earner are You?

Money_euro I recently enjoyed Barbara Stanny’s book "Secrets of Six-Figure Women" which looks at the lives and lessons learned by women at the top of their professional game – and who are remunerated well enough to prove it. She interviewed 150 high earning women and found that they roughly fell into two different groups. The Successful High Earners (SHE’s) were passionate about their jobs, worked hard but sensibly and conscientiously strove for some semblance of balance. The Hard Driven High Earners (HHE’s) worked very hard as well and may have once loved their jobs, but it had since turned into a unhealthy obsession that left little if any time for anything else in their lives. As one HHE explained "The money makes it hard to leave. It’s like heroin. You get addicted. It’s not just the compensation, it’s the lifestyle, the opportunities, the experiences, the people you’re exposed to. You get used to a certain way of life you don’t want to give up." Sound familiar? Which type of earner are you?   

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  • Hannah

    This struck a chord. You’re right about our motivations being different and equally right that we shouldn’t see profit as a grubby word. Why do we feel we’re not worth it? I think we often have a more realistic view of our abilities, or perhaps you could say pessimistic. Do you think there are differences between the UK and the US?