What Motivates You? Look to your Past

Hot_chocolate_in_cup Sometimes I work with people on helping them find motivation in their job that they may have lost. Or indeed, perhaps they are looking to make a career change but are unsure what factors are most important to them. One exercise we may do is to look for a pattern in our past achievements as a method in finding what may motivate us in the future. Interested? Do this exercise over a coffee break and prepare to be enlightened!

  1. Divide your life up until this point into thirds.
  2. During each of these thirds, name some of your accomplishments; things you enjoyed doing, did well – the only rule is that it is something you did - not something you watched others do. For example, it could be collecting girl-guide badges, writing an award-winning essay, refinishing a piece of furniture, winning a debate tournament or learning to cook pasta sauce from scratch.
  3. Try to come up with at least 3 accomplishments for each time period.
  4. Look at the experiences and look for patterns. What skills, interests, rewards or kinds of relationships are repeated? What you find is your motivational pattern and should indicate what kind of work you should be seeking. If you enjoyed debating and speaking to large groups of people, but you currently spend most of your time at a computer, then you can see why you are so unhappy – and what needs to change.
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