Where Is The Equality In The Election Campaign?

Woman at podium With all the excitement from the election in the last few
weeks and over night in particular, there is one issue that many women feel has
been overlooked
– and as reported by Women  in Technology that is that they have been underrepresented during the
campaign. They complain that the only focus on women during the election has
been that on the wives of the party leaders,
and not female politicians, and
that there is a lack of female role models. However, as Theresa May pointed
out, should the Conservatives take the majority there will be as many as 60
women in parliament
, and interestingly the first couple of seats announced were
won by women. As far as supporting Women’s issues are concerned much of the
campaign on all sides has been focused on women as mothers and not on women in
or working in senior management roles. In fact many politicians have
been interviewed on the mumsnet website giving rise to the name of ‘the mumsnet
election’.In response, the Fawcett Society, which supports
gender equality,
has set up the What About Women? Campaign. It brings together more than 40
organisations from all industries and levels in the UK workforce to champion
women's issues
and ask politicians to pledge support for women in key policy
areas such as equality
. It will be interesting to see in the coming days and
months just how far the new government will go in supporting women in
leadership and corporate roles.

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