Where is the Time you “Save” on Your Blackberry Going?

Womanwithblackberry_2 The main attraction of a Blackberry is that it can help ensure a healthy work-life balance. The idea is that you can still work whilst freeing yourself from that greatest symbol of "corporate oppression" – the desk. A blackberry allows you to take work away with the average blackberry user converting up to an hour of normal downtime – commuting, walking between meetings and so on into productive work time. Theoretically, this should in turn give professionals more free time with their family and friends. The reality may look a bit different however, with many people still working on their blackberries whilst they are with the aforementioned friends and family:)

That freed-up time translates roughly to 250 hours per year, enough for a 10 day holiday! However, there seems to be a real question as to whether users seize the potential of that "free time" - especially in today's uncertain economic climate, with nearly half of blackberry users planning summer holidays saying in a recent BBC poll that they would be taking their blackberries with them on holiday to stay in touch with work. Will you be taking yours with you this summer?    

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