Why ‘throwing like a girl’ should be a compliment

Gender equalityWe love how ‘Always’ the feminine hygiene products brand chose the dismissive and diminishing phrase ‘like a girl’ to tackle gender inequality in their latest campaign. We know they are unpicking a former insult to sell more product but we’re engaged as it’s still a big improvement on former campaigns of lithe cyclists and dancers in white leotards experimenting with blue liquid in tampons.

The Always video shows adults & teenagers being asked to ‘throw, run & fight… like a girl’. Depressingly, the older subjects give weaker, half-hearted versions of these three physical actions – internalising how disparaging ‘throw like a girl’ is in our society. But not all age groups are equally affected by gender stereotypes. The youngest girls demonstrated their strength & ability using fierce effort in every action.

When asked ”What does ‘run like a girl’ mean? A 7 year-old girl answers: ‘Run as fast as you can!’ At Female Breadwinners, we agree ‘like a girl’ should be a compliment – it’s a powerful and positive statement. We love this video because it shows how important puberty is in determining self-image and how this is the age when kids either accept or reject stereotypes. Share it with your daughter or your son and tell us what they thought.

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