Career Women as Workplace Bullies?

Devil woman in hell This article in The Australian caught my eye, as some of female coaching clients mention that they prefer all male workplaces. The reason? Woman on woman bullying. As detailed in the article by Shelley Gare: "When adult women bully each other, they are mostly indirect. They use weapons that are hard to detect and that leave wounds invisible to the eye. The adjectives psychologists and bullying experts use to describe such shadowy methods are “covert”, “subtle” and “manipulative”. The tactics are ostracism, exclusion, spreading rumours and playing favourites. Information is withheld; secrets are kept; a victim’s contributions – to either a conversation or a workplace – are ignored. It’s bullying by stealth. “Aggression in men tends to be worn much more clearly,” says Dan Auerbach, a Sydney-based analytic psychotherapist. “But those subtle expressions of dislike between women make it much harder to fight back, and harder for other people to see what’s going on.” Have you seen this in your workplace?

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  • mhairi

    Just a thought – and not to defend bullying in any way – I sometimes think strength and decisiveness in women, which would be admired in men, is seen as negative in women.
    Not to deny bullying at all, my overwhelming experience of women in the workplace is positive. I can only think of two women causing problems, in my 18-year career.