Female Breadwinners Face Guilt And Resentment Of Their Stay At Home Partner

Daddy working on computer A new study from Aviva has discovered that in the last 10
years the number of men becoming the prime carer of children has increased ten-fold.
More women are becoming the primary breadwinner whilst their partner stays at
home and does the school run. However, whilst the women often feel either
resentful – some 37% – or guilty
about leaving their children, the men are also
being warned that their role might not be all they expect it to be either. As
the Dad at Home support website says “A househusband’s working day starts when
he wakes or, more than likely, when he is woken. Thankless household chores,
such as washing dishes, sweeping floors, laundry, cooking, vacuuming and
dusting have to be fitted in
around caring for the baby. If he’s lucky, a
househusband may manage to squeeze in a couple of hours of free time before he
collapses into bed,” Something we women having been saying for years – the stay
at home job is not necessarily the easy one
. On the plus side 29% of men who
stay at home say they find it more rewarding than going out to work. It appears
to be a dilemma for working mothers everywhere – how do you handle the guilt of
having a career whilst not resenting your partner for his stay at home role?

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