Women for Obama!

Map of world Wow, yesterday was a fantastic day! Not only did Barack Obama win the presidency of my home country, giving me as an American living abroad, hope for a more collaborative global partnership between the US and the rest of the world. I stayed up late, going to the Cambridge Union which was full of hopeful students from around the world and then got up early to watch the returns. I took particular hope from the way President-Elect Obama spoke of the amazing gains women had made in the last 100 years and how grateful he was for the support of women, who overwhelmingly voted for him. During the election day itself, I also had a great time working with women on my "Achieving as a Woman in Science, Engineering and Technology" workshop. Delegates from Astex Therapeutics, Marshall Aerospace and Cambridge AWISE and I had a fantastic time, looking at the ways women in these fields can raise their profile, overcome feelings of isolation and "impostor syndrome", which affects most professional women at some point in their careers. They were a great group and it was a most rewarding day for me overall!

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  • http://www.volunteering.org.uk/evm mhairi

    Yes, a truly fantastic result! I got up at 4am to hear the result, then stayed-up for the speech, ordinary people’s reactions, etc. Didn’t make it back to bed, it was all to interesting and inspiring.
    I hope it’s good news for most of the world, though I’m definitely worrying about the idea of US and UK troops remaining in Afghanistan and Iraq.