Women Grads Expect To Earn Less

Piggy_bank A new American study featured in Business Week, found that of recent graduates, women expected to be earning less than their male graduates. The research found that "Of the women polled, 51% said they expect to be earning $30,000 or less in the upcoming year, compared with 35% of the men. Only 12% of the women expect to be earning more than $50,000 in their first job, compared with 24% of the men. Meanwhile, the gap in salary expectations widens as the graduates look three years ahead. The study found that 38% of the females expect to be earning more than $50,000 by the end of that period, while 59% of the males expected to make $50,000 or more."

What is interesting as the difference was less marked when looking at business students, who have a smaller anticipated gender gap. The story continues "… among business majors, 56% of female students expect to be earning over $50,000 in three years, compared with 67% of male students." The researchers found that this was less about a "glass ceiling effect" and more to do with the subjects women chose to study, which tended to lead to less well paying fields. The difference would suggest that women who choose stereotypically male dominated fields such as business, but perhaps also engineering and computer sciences would expect a smaller pay gap – which may be reason enough for many young women to consider these fields. 

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