Women with MBA’s Earn Less than Male Colleagues

Man and woman arm wrestle The Independent recently had a piece about career women entitled UK Business Schools Still Struggle to Name any High flying Female MBA's that looked at the shocking pay disparity for women at work among other things. The article by Hilary Wilce explained " According to the 2008 Career Survey by the Association of MBAs, which looked at the salaries of 2,000 MBAs worldwide, women gain much less from the qualification than men. In the UK a woman with an MBA can look forward to an average salary 18 per cent lower than that of a men, while in the USA the gap is 13 per cent, and in Germany an astonishing 40 per cent. The figures are, says Mark Stoddard, accreditations project manager for AMBA, "quite striking." The disparity came from the number of women who work until they have children and then either leave work completely, work a reduced schedule or choose to work from home - all of which can drastically reduce the salaries of capable women…and the profits of those companies that would do better to work with professional females than force them to choose between family and work.   

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