Women’s Intuition – Why the Backlash?

Birch in winter I am writing a section on using intuition in the workplace in my upcoming book, and I found this recent online article about why intuition serves women in male dominated fields so well. I can only agree. As an executive coach for professional women, I hear many women tell me how intuition told them something was amiss with colleagues or on a new client project, before they had the hard evidence. That's why I was so suprised by the vitriolic comments that followed the article! Check out the article and post a comment on this site to let me know where you think resistance to women using intuition stems from? 

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  • http://www.volunteering.org.uk/evm mhairi

    fear of something which our “logic”-driven society can’t explain? or maybe fear of something women often do better than men ;-)

  • http://www.relaxtosleep.com Gail Seymour

    The term “women’s intution” is an oxymoron. I used to teach intuition development in northern California the early 1980′s before it was popular, and I learned that male engineers in Silicon Valley have always used their intuion. I used to lecture at engineering association meetings, where I polled the attendees to see what they thought, and at least 90% of the men in audience at any given time said that they used their intuition fequently. So why the term “women’s intuition”? Who knows. Maybe men don’t want us to know — or they don’t want to admit to us and themselves — that they have it and use it frequently. we all have intuition. It’s not merely a female asset or talent. Intution is simply a matter of paying attention to your gut and the voice in your head htat tells you when something’s just not right, and beginning to trust it.