Have You Hired a “Man-ny” ?

Manwithchild Lots of my clients build a support team around them in order to continue their careers after they have children. Usually it is a domestic army of grandparents, childminders, creches, au pairs and nannies – all of whom have their priceless role to play in the delicate balance that is daily child care – and are usually women. But would you hire a "man-ny" to look after your children? Now, as you probably know, I normally concentrate on the role of women in male-dominated fields but this article in the Edinburgh Evening News caught my eye. It’s about men who choose to work in one of the oldest female professions (no, not that one!) – childcare.

What’s interesting is that across the UK as a whole, just two per cent of childcare professionals are men-  but in Edinburgh, the proportion is far higher – 12 per cent. It makes me wonder what they are doing right up there to get so many more men actually valuing what is most often poorly paid – but vital work. Have you hired male child care workers? Do your young children have male teachers? What’s the impact? Tell us your experience!

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  • http://www.proactiveresearch.org.uk Berenice

    Well this was interesting but there are a few incorrect facts here.
    Although looking after your own children or working in a nursery is low (or no) paid, nannies (male or female) actually get very good salaries as well as lots of benefits such as a car provided, own room, no rent if they live in, tax and national insurance paid for them, usually en-suite facilities are required and a TV and video/DVD in their room. Meals are also included while they are on site, either live-in or out. The cost of all this for the employer (ie us!) is very high and few can afford to pay a salary of at least £20k plus tax, NI and employers NI out of our net earnings, which is what happens in the UK!
    I think the guys have realised they are on to a good thing!