What people are saying about Beyond the Boys’ Club…

“This inspiring and exciting book is precisely what is needed to help women who want to make an impact and have a successful career, and to help organisations understand how to change their behaviour and culture.” -Professor Jeremy Sanders FRS, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the School of Physical Sciences, University of Cambridge

“We invest in our education, health, home and wardrobe, but so often not in our career development.  This reminds us of the importance of this investment and provides us with a variety of tools and tips from the pioneers that have shown the potential Return on Investment. After reading this book, you should have no reason not to push at the barriers to your own progression and achieve your full potential.” – Fleur Bothwick, Director of Diversity and Inclusiveness, EMEIA, Ernst & Young LLP

“Reading this book should be top of your to-do list as a professional woman keen to build a career.  Suzanne Doyle-Morris has captured the essence of how to play the game, and learning to win.  She imparts the wisdom and insightful advice that are testament to her experience as a professional executive coach helping career professionals succeed.” -Lamia Walker, Director, London Business School

“In her book Beyond the Boys’ Club Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris outlines with humour and imagination many top tips and strategies for high achieving professional women to enhance their career potential by overcoming the many unconscious gender biases in a male-dominated workplace. She writes with real passion and this is an essential read for women wishing to emulate the success of those she has interviewed for this book.”- Dr Jenny Brookman, Chair, Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering

“I loved this book – it’s a ‘must have’ book for all women looking to raise their profile, understand organisational politics and really progress in their careers.” - Claire Palmer, former President, UK International Coach Federation (ICF)

“In an economy of increasing pressure, companies with few women must be ever more innovative and proactive in retaining the talented women they do have. This is a book born out of extensive research, interviews and coaching conversations with senior professionals who have each succeeded as one of the few women in their team and who have the ambition to keep climbing that ladder. It fills an obvious gap in modern business literature – on the experiences and successes of women who work primarily with men.” – Caroline Buckingham, Equality and Diversity Manager, Microsoft UK

“This book addresses one of the major challenges faced by most areas of business. It should be read by women who wish to be part of the solution. It should also be read by men who wish to understand the problem.”- Guy Beringer, former Senior Partner, Allen & Overy LLP

“A gift for any woman looking to raise her profile,  develop her brand, understand organisational politics and take her career to the next level. Dr Doyle-Morris has an eye for the irreverent and uses plenty of wit to keep the topics of gender equality and political savvy accessible, practical and fun.  Absolutely crammed with ideas and rich in the kind of stories that feel both familiar and inspirational at the same time.”- Lesley Everett, Personal Branding Expert and author of Drop Dead Brilliant.

“This is an important book that gives professional women well-researched, practical and tested advice based on interviews with twenty-one women in senior positions in a range of professional areas. All women in science, engineering and technology should read this book.” – Dr Esther Haines, Regional Officer, Institute of Physics.

“In all my years of coaching professional women, I’ve not come across a resource to offer them that helps them overcome the obstacles outlined by Dr Suzanne Doyle: lack of knowledge about politics and lack of confidence about playing the game.  Finally a book for women by women that shows how to play the game of politics in an ethical and feminine way. Increasing your power image, lobbying before the important decision-making meetings are held, networking and profiling are all political skills. These skills ensured that the women Suzanne interviewed got their ideas heard, funded, resourced, implemented and ultimately got them promoted in their male-dominated industry. Kudos for Beyond the Boys’ Club for reframing politics from a four-letter word to advocacy, collaboration, and teamwork!” -Michelle Brailsford, President, European Professional Women’s Network – London

“Suzanne brings together her clever mind with her human warmth to create a book that will inspire and inform any woman who wants to put more into life and take more from it. Ladies, if we all took even a small amount of her wisdom and put it into action the world would be a brighter, happier place andbusinesses would be stronger and more lucrative. I won’t just be recommending this book to my female clients – I will be sending them a copy.” - Lisa Wynn, Master Certified Coach (ICF) Managing Partner, Corporate Potential Ltd