You Are not “Stuck”…You are Scared

Horizontalyogas How often have you heard people talk about how they are "stuck"? Feeling stuck in a job or a relationship or even a certain country. There is no such thing as stuck, there is only fear. Fear is what freezes us and keeps us from moving. In fact, it is often when you are most stuck that you most need to let go and take a chance on something new. "Stuckness" is inertia, or lack of forward movement and ironically the only cure is to take a step forward. People talk about being trapped by "golden handcuffs" – a well-paid job they hate, for example. However, it is not the circumstances, but the fear, that keeps people trapped.  This is the time to listen to your intuitive desire for movement instead of unhelpful ideas about what is practical and feasible and trust that you can make your movement practical and feasible if you take the first step.

  1. What do I need to have in my life to feel deeply satisfied?
  2. If I am honest with myself, what is keeping me from feeling satisfied?
  3. What situations do I stay in and choices do I make that are no longer serving me?

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