Young Women on the Rise – Among Youth,  Being Female Trumps Economic Background for Success

It is heartening to read an article in The Independent “The New Girl Power: Whey we’re Living in a Young Woman’s World” that is featuring the bright side to concerns about the lost generation of young students who are graduating to university debt, massive unemployment and a crippling housing market. The silver lining it seems is that things are much rosier for young women  – and the difference between the attainment of women and men from working class backgrounds is the starkest. Girls are seeking help when they need it, something I see in my own coaching practice and going onto study and steady jobs. While some younger boys may feel increasing amounts of self-doubt, many practitioners are putting down the inertia of young men down to “misplaced confidence” – underachieving boys who feel they deserve better by societal right but are not getting qualifications and/or live in a pipe dream that they will make it big in sports or as a media star.  According to a report put out by the Higher Education Policy Institute – “It really is quite extraordinary,” says Bahram Bekhradnia, the co-author,  “You can see clearly that it is not class-related. There has been a significant improvement in lower social groups’ participation at university, but those participating are overwhelmingly women. And the thing is, it isn’t just happening in the UK: similar findings are being made all over the world.” I like the feeling of riding a wave….:)

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  • David Bueler

    I am seeing this more and more, here in the states. More young women are going off to college and succeeding. Both my sisters have finished college and have great careers, earning a lot more than I do. And even my wife, who is better educated is earning more.